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Disney Epic Quest

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Descrição de Disney Epic Quest

A virus named Syntax has infected the Digital Kingdoms, causing massive chaos. It’s time to fight back! Assemble a squad of Luminaries a.k.a Disney and Pixar characters to battle the infection and retrieve Cryption Keys to stop Syntax! STARRING DISNEY AND PIXAR CHARACTERS FROM MULTIPLE UNIVERSES - Meet familiar faces from Mickey Mouse & Friends, Big Hero 6, Pirates of the Caribbean, Wreck-It Ralph, The Incredibles…and many more to come. - Recruit them into your squad to battle infected Pixels in the Digital Kingdoms! GO SOLO OR TEAM UP WITH FRIENDS - Progress through story missions by yourself - Gather real-life friends to defeat enemies in co-op or Showdown mode - Get matched with new friends to play together RECRUIT, UPGRADE & CUSTOMIZE YOUR SQUAD - Collect Data to recruit Disney and Pixar characters - Form a strategic squad with three characters of complementary classes (Strength/Speed/Wisdom/Balanced) - Level and rank up your individual characters - Upgrade each character’s skills and gear - Customize your characters with skins FACE OFF AGAINST INFECTED CHARACTERS IN SHOWDOWN MODE - Battle infected Disney and Pixar characters such as Little Yama, King Candy and more - Recruit these exclusive characters into your squad --- JOIN THE COMMUNITY Website: http://playdisneyepicquest.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DisneyEpicQuest/ Support: support@gogame.net Privacy Policy: https://gogame.net/privacy-policy Terms of Service: https://gogame.net/terms-of-services


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